Who Are These Guys?

They are potential Presidents of The United State, that’s who! Something called The Southern Republican Leadership Conference held a gathering in Oklahoma City a short while ago. During this combined bake sale / picnic a number of Republican “candidates” held a kind of barking festival. Actually twelve candidates showed up. Don’t be impressed, that is barely over half those in the race. If the Republican primary was a horse race they would need two starting gates. And lots of guys with shovels.

As happens at these gatherings a straw poll was held. A straw poll is a pretend election testing the preference of the attendees. In this case 958 of 2,000 attendees actually did vote. If you went to Oklahoma City (on the way to nowhere) and they held an election wouldn’t you at least check a box? What these straw polls really do is get some unwarranted but free publicity. The results themselves as less meaningful than your fifth grade class election. And the candidates here were significantly less qualified, for anything. In the interest of balance (who cares about that?) here is a look at the top three.

First of all the results: Some guy named Ben Carson won!!!! He received 25% of the vote. The second and third finishers were Scott Walker (21%) and Ted Cruz (17%). Really! These are your leaders. All  I know about Walker is he hacked revenue, threw the Wisconsin budget out of balance by a billion or two and is taking responsible action. Like reducing the University system by $300 million AND skipping 2015 bond payments of $100-$200 million. Skipping bond payments? That is kind of like default, right? NAH, no big deal. 191 people in Oklahoma City know what they are doing. Ted Cruz….never mind. Carson is interesting, a little. He states that more doctors and scientists should  be in politics. He thinks science needs to be a big part of the process. Oh really? Well the party of “The jury is still out on evolution and climate change” may be slow to embrace that. Carson also feels it is ridiculous that companies make profit from health insurance.

All these candidates have two things very much in common: They are very well educated AND they completely baffle me. As Butch Cassidy said to Sundance, “Who are those guys?”

Who Are These Guys?

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