Are You Satisfied?

Help me understand if this  is just me or you have experienced this as well. These are recent experiences but have occurred multiple times over the years, monthly, even weekly.

I had trouble with my laptop recently connecting with the internet. A day earlier I had a question regarding my auto  insurance. In the past I have had multiple experiences with my bank, the city or county, the newspaper, etc. Various issues caused me to contact various companies and service providers for assistance. Actually what I did figuratively is call out for HELP!!!!

In almost every occasion the person / people I talked with were able to understand my problem, provide a resolution and make my annoyance disappear. My experience for the most part has been very positive. The IRS, local government agencies, utilities all have been very helpful. Virtually every experience has ended with my satisfaction. UNTIL:

As we finish the problem solution part of our talk the person on the line will ask something like: “have I solved your problem?”. I am OK with that. Not so much with ” are you delighted with the service I have provided?” Yeah, I guess, not sure how delighted I am, but yeah. Are we a little insecure here? Here is the  fingernails on the chalk board: “would you mind taking our customer survey? That is used to assess my performance.” In other words: Please take this survey. If you don’t or are critical I could lose my job and become homeless. Just take the survey, I figured out how to help you even  though your room temperature IQ makes me marvel that you are able to turn on your lights!

OK, so I agree to take the survey, on line or on the phone. The survey goes on and on and on. Then it goes on some more. The questions posed are NOT those that target customers like me. The questions are obviously those that a survey provider  would ask. I often hang up or click off halfway through the survey.

After having my problem solved and being completely satisfied I take a survey that 1) takes more time than solving the problem took AND 2) is much more confusing and annoying than the problem was in the first place. End condition is that I am so annoyed by the survey and endless questions I will NEVER TAKE A SURVEY AGAIN !!!!!

Other than that I am completely satisfied and delighted.

Are You Satisfied?

One thought on “Are You Satisfied?

  1. Much of this could be used on-air as daily commentary, run at various times. It would add another local facet to KLAY programming. The audience would get to know Mike. Good stuff, well written!


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