“Integrity” in Current TV News Is Numbing

One of the great ironies of our current news media is there is so much of it and it is sooooooooo bad! For the last several years I have been a regular CNN viewer.  When traveling outside the U.S. I used to view Headline News daily. HLN actually presented THE NEWS. Remember those “Around The World In Fifteen Minutes” segments? In that short time we really did get a quick, broad relatively accurate dose of significant news.

No more. CNN, Fox, HLN et al kind of fake it in the morning slot, then spend the day chasing ratings. And when there is no massive loss of life (plane crash, act of terror, hurricane, mass shooting, etc) CNN and the rest seem lost. It is so obvious, and so pathetic that even acts of terror must achieve a certain level of human lives lost (six, better yet ten) to fill the hours and days that CNN buries us with.

Since November, 2013 CNN has run a program titled “Reliable Sources” featuring Senior Media Correspondent (whatever that is) Brian Stelter. You know Stelter, he is the guy who looks like Clint Howard (Ron Howard’s younger brother, see The Waterboy). And after watching him feed on the corpse of Brian Williams he resembled Barney Fife more than Opie’ little brother.

Recently Stelter went public with great glee over the fact that CNN drew higher ratings than Fox in a recent evening time slot. Stelter as a source is considered anything but reliable but apparently CNN did beat Fox a time slot within a certain demographic. OK, good stuff, I guess. Not really gripping or riveting but marginally interesting. Stelter would be better served to pick at the recent CNN droppings.

NOW we get this “news”. For the next GOP debate show CNN will not be charging its usual $5,000 per spot rate. Rather the network will charge $2000,000! That is FORTY times the normal rate. I really don’t have a problem with what they charge. I am almost tempted to watch the show just to see who the sponsors are.Probably those same guys that buy Super Bowl spots, which we all pay for. But my tolerance for bad theater is low.

What is gripping and riveting is how much air time the Trumpster gets on CNN. He is on every night, interviews are repeated and idiotic utterings are literally celebrated by the “news staff”. I reached the point of joking about CNN owning stock in the Trump brand. Then we get news of the advertising revenue bonanza. The promos played on CNN for the debate were taken right out of the Rocky scripts.

So what does this all mean? It means things are worse than I thought they would ever be. A major reputed news outlet is all in on one of the most baffling, embarrassing campaigns in the history of television. Unable to simply hire new script writers, CNN is successfully redefining what is news, apparently with some profitable success.

Every time I hear deflategate reports refer to “the integrity of the game” relating to the NFL I shiver. This latest crock with CNN and the Trumpster has made me numb. Only a full coma would bring relief.

“Integrity” in Current TV News Is Numbing

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