I LOVE The Pope!

Why do I love The Pope? Good question. After all, I am Jewish. Granted as a high schooler I used frequent CYO dances hoping for a religious experience that mostly never happened. And The Pope is not a particularly snappy dresser (I hope he did not wear the very same robe get up EVERY day!).

On the other hand, The Pope drew huge crowds, was incredibly warm, gracious and encouraging. He made a point of reaching out to all, political types, children, inmates, everyone. He showed big time energy, seemingly never slowing down. All was good and all was positive about his visit.

Watching CNN coverage of his departure, The Pope waiving from his window, it suddenly hit me. I suddenly discovered why I loved The Pope and the endless news coverage of his every move. I don’t love him for who he is, I love him for who he isn’t.

The Pope is NOT Donald Trump! It is that simple.Oh yeah, The Pope has a much better hair arrangement going than Trump.

I LOVE The Pope!

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