I am down here in Arizona, Phoenix area. No, I am not really working. We are talking with Mike Filipi each weekday morning (7:30)through March 24 from the Mariners facility in Peoria.  If you have ever visited a baseball spring training facility in March you know how many players cycle through these camps readying for the season. With 25 big league players and all the minors (A, AA & AAA teams) teams, typical organisations my well bring in nearly 200 players between now and the end of May.

There are 15 major league teams training in the Phoenix area with hundreds (thousands!?) of players hoping to make the big leagues, this year or in the future. Many will get their shot and some will make it. A large majority will not. But they will keep trying.

This year is a little different. Maybe a lot different. In addition to those hundreds trying to make it there are at least four other very notable “players” coming to town this week, hoping to “make it”. I am not sure what their jersey numbers are or height and weight but their names are Clinton, Cruz, Sanders and Trump. You have all probably heard of them. I understand one other candidate for the bigs, John Kasich has no plans now to visit the state of Arizona.

There are “rallies” and “town halls” planned all over the area. From here to Tuscon to Flagstaff and beyond the “fans”will gather, guestimates of massive crowds into the thousands are being thrown around like eephus pitches. In a market that has hosted numerous big time events (Super Bowls, NCAA Championship games, big time golf tournaments, etc), the prospect of the big four coming to town has “The Valley” swooning like so many star struck school girls. Really, it’s not like Justin Bieber is jetting in. These are politicians.

So breathless radio and TV people are informing all of pending traffic and security snarls. By the end of the week all this “excitement” should be past. The only person I KNOW I can support goes tonight at 7:10 right here in Peoria.

I know we can’t vote for Felix Hernandez. He was not born in the United States and I am not sure he is a citizen. But, unlike the others, we know he can pitch, do his job and win. And all that happens without screwing up traffic and people. Time for Arizona people to focus on things that really matter down here, baseball and expanding anything to do with guns.




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