Arizona = Cookoo

Remember the 1975 movie “One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest”? Much of the film was actually shot at the Oregon State Hospital in Salem, Oregon. Jack Nicholson’s character, Randall McMurphy addresses his fellow patients as “creeps, lunatics, mental defectives”.  R.P. McMurph was referring to his fellow characters. But that same characterization could apply to the citizens and politicians of the State of Arizona.

I love the Arizona of Spring Training, of sunshine and the Grand Canyon. But just about all of the Arizona heavily influenced by politicians and politics can just scare the Hell out of a sane human being.

Back in November, 2006 a Arizona voters approved Proposition 100. “Prop 100” shockingly prohibited pretrial release of undocumented immigrants charged with serious crimes. Or simply, this action denied bail for undocumented immigrants. The concern is that the defendants might flee and not show up for trial, even flee the state. HUH???  I would think the State would give the alleged criminals a ride to the border. Well, try and choke this down:

-This was voted on by the citizens and passed 78-22% and became a part of the state constitution. Wow, I am glad to hear Arizona even has a constitution. And 78-22? Please! Nikita Khrushcev’s Politburo had elections more closely contested than that. Sadly, we can’t blame this one solely on the cokoo politicos of the state. The citizens obviously get WAY too much sun. Even snakes crawl under a rock when they get too hot.

– Wait, this action targets very narrowly very bad people say its supporters. It is limited to those “accused of serious crimes”, where “proof of the crime is evident” and there is “great presumption of guilt”. Hmmmm, so basically this will apply when there is really no need for a trial. Due process?  What due process? who needs that?

This law was stuck down in November, 2014 by the full U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. That court voted 9-2, as lopsided  as the vote of the people that laid this egg in the first place.

A few questions:

Why doesn’t the existing bail process take into account the seriousness of the alleged crime and likelihood of flight? It does.

What is there about undocumented immigrants (Arizonian for Mexicans) that makes them less likely to show up at trial than child molesters, child support evaders, drug dealers and other chronic violators? Nothing.

The only reason for this law was to further bring unfairness to the lives of Latinos in Arizona. This garbage wouldn’t even fly in the Cookoos Nest.

Arizona = Cookoo

ESPN’s McHenry-Where Are Those Barf Bags?

I am proud to say I had no idea who Britt McHenry was until her idiotic, moronic tirade at a towing company employee went public. Apparently she is an ESPN “reporter” of some kind. Her car got towed while she was out to dinner. When she dealt with an employee of the towing company she said the kind of insulting things that a normal human wouldn’t even think of. Then she “apologizes”  stating “In an intense and stressful moment I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things”,,,,blah blah blah.

Memo to McHenry:

1) The only regret you have is that the fact that you are a moron became public knowledge.

2) There are two kinds of people in this world; Those that don’t like anything about you and those that have no idea who you are.

3) Chances are if getting your car towed turns you into some sort of complete moron then you probably are a complete moron.

4) The most unaware, unconnected people I know do not by even 1% of stupid, shallow, meaningless “apologies” like the laughable dribble you released. Did you use A-Rod’s apology writer?

Note to ESPN: Are you kidding us? One week suspension? From what? You can’t use this idiot for any work of consequence.

ESPN’s McHenry-Where Are Those Barf Bags?

The Ride For Nobody

There is a small amusement park on the Santa Monica pier. It is really just a small collection of rides. They are there for little kids, although several would easily make me spit up my skinny vanilla latte. One ride in particular went around and spun and looked like no fun at all. As I stared at this human blender I saw the sign. All rides display some list of requirements and rules usually dictating some minimum standards (height, weight, IQ, etc.) for participation.

For the fun to begin one must understand:

This ride is NOT for those who:

-suffer from motion sickness

-suffer from vertigo

– suffer from nervous disorders

-have heart conditions

-have back or neck ailments

-are pregnant                                                                                                                     

-have a serious disability

-are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

On any given day I would be eliminated by at least six of those rules. I am not unique in this. The ride was empty. No qualifiers I assume.

The Ride For Nobody

California Kinda Thing

For the last few days I have been visiting here in Culver City, the west side area of Los Angeles. I had another “I don’t get it” moment:

While on a long walk I passed what appeared to be a funeral home. It’s sign read              Pre Planned Funerals & Cremations

Why would a funeral or a cremation ever be unplanned? I get that one might have only a few days notice but I really think a majority of funerals and cremations would be and should be planned. Don’t you think so?

I really don’t get it.

California Kinda Thing